Sunday, September 13, 2015

Welcome to My Thought-Dreams

I have decided to start a blog.  I have no excuse for waiting this long.  I’m 34.  I saw the start of the blog revolution when I was in my late teens, and then I slowly saw it die out a few years ago.  I still think there is an audience for blogs, and I think any given blog can attract a few hundred people which is far more than can fit in my living room.  I don’t believe this blog will create any professional opportunities for me, not now, not in this climate.  I will maintain this blog for myself, for my friends, and hopefully for a few new friends. 

This blog will contain my ideas on all subjects that interest me.  I am a graduate student pursuing a specific course of study and I am writing my dissertation on a specific subject, but I’m also a dilettante.  I like dilettantes.  I also like specialists.

This blog will not contain any writing.  I write essays for other web sites, and I write academic papers which I send out to academic journals.  When I write essays and papers, I edit them.  I make sure that every sentence works, that they are grammatically correct, and that they contain no spelling mistakes, and that when they do contain grammatical errors they do so intentionally in pursuit of a rhetorical point. This blog will include many bad sentences, passive voice, misused pronouns.  It will involve poor uses of language that will result in bad thinking.  This blog is my id.

This blog will be narcissistic.  It will be pompous.  It will be humble.  You will hate-read it.  You will love-read it.  I will contradict myself.  I will strive for consistency.  I will make bad jokes.  I will make many bad jokes.  I will repeat phrases ad nauseam.  I will be stupid.  I will be so so stupid.  I will not plagiarize but I also won’t say anything new.  I will break every one of my promises.

I will embrace liars and hypocrites because I will embrace the human. 

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