Wednesday, October 7, 2015

On Joe Biden

I am not a parent.  I don't expect to ever be one, but I will make one guess about Joe Biden's psychology.  Other than one of his other children or grandchildren, I believe he would give up everything, absolutely everything for one more day with his late son and daughter.  He would give up the vice-presidency, his entire career as a senator, every wonderful meeting with a foreign head of state, his house, his education, his career.  He would give up everything good that he accomplished, every piece of legislation that he believed in.  I believe he would sleep with the devil to be with his son and daughter.  He would outlaw abortion, divorce every gay married couple in America, increase torture, send more American troops into combat and to their deaths, burn church after church, murder the pope if it meant one more day with his son or daughter.

I am not a politician.  I don't expect to ever be one, but I will make another guess about Joe Biden's psychology.  He would take off his clothes and give a blow job to a man in the middle of Times Square to be president.  He would bathe in his own feces to be president.  He would expose every one of his most private thoughts in order to be president.  He would betray everyone of his personal beliefs and betray every one of his constituents to be president.

These two paragraphs do not contradict each other.

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