Sunday, October 9, 2016

On Donald Trump's Friends

I live in New York. Most of the people I know are Democrats. The Republicans I hang out with tend to be rich, successful people. Some of them are gay. Some have gay kids. I know a couple of black people and Mexicans here and there. They worked hard and got out of the ghetto, because they know they're better than the ghetto. I know a lot of Jews. They're good people. Smart. And I know women, beautiful, beautiful women.

People tell me interesting things. Some tell me they're nervous about hiring women because they're worried they'll get pregnant and then decide to stay at home with the kids and now, what are we going to do, find someone else, another woman, who'll we have to train all over again and who might not be good at the job? Some don't want to hire too many black people or Mexicans, not because they're racist, but because they're afraid other people might be racist. The Jews I know are always talking about Israel. Always Israel with those guys! My friends are my age: 50s, 60s, 70s. I think their kids have different ideas. They go to Brown, or something, or Princeton, and they get these ideas. But I don't know. Maybe they do think the way their parents think. Maybe they don't. There are more blacks and Mexicans around and they're young. We all agree that it's good they're getting out of the ghetto.

My friends go off and buy all this cool stuff. I saw someone who went to Sweden on vacation last year with his wife. But he came back with this giant glass thing. Huge. He put it on the kitchen table and it's half the kitchen table. I asked him how much was it? He said $25,000. They thought it was beautiful. Oren...something. He loves his wife. She's beautiful.

I was talking to them about Lewinsky back in the nineties and they all said, all of them, well Hillary helped out there. I mean, she knew all about it and she let it happen and, yeah, she helped take the fat bitch down. Why'd he have to go with such a fat bitch? You have to admit, they had a point. Their wives, get this, their wives, at a dinner party, they said the same thing.

When I talk about women with the guys, they're into it. Some aren't. I don't know. Some nod along. I don't know if they do what I do, but they look like they wish they could. They're not into the beauty pageants, though. I don't know why. But they have their fun, if they can still get it up.

No one talks to me that much anymore. It's okay. They'll talk to me again in five years when all this is over and Hillary is indicted. They like me. I'm a fun guy. They love me.

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