Monday, January 30, 2017

On Riblje oko

This morning I finally left my apartment, even though I didn't get much sleep last night and I haven't fully recovered. I had an interview with Joško Marušić, one of the youngest members of the Zagreb School. I don't plan on writing in any detail about interviews I conduct with animators until I finish my dissertation. I will only note that we spoke in a chilly, dark coffee shop next to a fireplace. The coffee shop was located in the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts, where Marušić teaches, which was founded in 1907. The courtyard has several fine statues, including a piece by Ivan Meštrović. Behind the coffeeshop, a few feet away and down the stairs, is a small bar that opens at 6:30 in the morning. It was playing Romany music. The bar and the coffeeshop are owned by the same person. Zagreb also has nice Seattle-style coffee-shops and bars that don't open early. I only note these details to say that there are reasons why you should travel, and even though I tend not to drink, there are times when drinking in the early morning can be better for you than drinking at night. 

You can see Marušić's most famous film Riblje oko / Fish Eye (1980) at Zagreb Film's website.

Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are gorging themselves on a cannibal's dinner. The liver of an Iraqi translator. The kidney of a Syrian. The heart of a Sudanese. For drink, the blood of a Jew. Paul Ryan comes to the party late and a little embarrassed. He tastes the Jew's blood and doesn't like it, but he can tolerate the Iraqi-translator liver. Mike Pence serves desert, homosexual testicles dipped in his wife's homemade chocolate. There's a large crowd of people trying to break into the butchershop they go to, located about a half-hour away from their apartment, but their butchershop is well-guarded. There are a lot of polite people in suits in another room, having another, less well-attended party. They are saying that they support the people trying to break into the butchershop. They scold Trump and Bannon. "It's not okay to eat the liver or an Iraqi translator. It's not okay to drink a Jewish person's blood. And, even though we didn't realize this until relatively recently, we shouldn't be eating the testicles of homosexuals." Trump chews with his mouth open and laughs a bit, spitting a little bit of Jew's blood mixed with homosexual testicles on Ryan's cheek. Ryan doesn't wipe it off for fear of offending his host.

I think you should watch Riblje oko. It captures the current mood.

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