Saturday, February 25, 2017

On Uber Drivers in Zagreb

I'll play Thomas Friedman for a little bit, and mention three of the Uber drivers I've met:

1. A mechanic who works for the Chinese Embassy. His employers aren't great about paying him on time. The ambassadress behaves like a queen. Everyone lives in fear of her. 

2. An old man who worked at a summer camp in Virginia back in the 1970s. He believes that the entire world is run by the Illumnatti. 

3. A 40-something man who looks 20-something. He worked for the UNHCR during the war. He describes his countrymen as a little too arrogant and a little too unwilling to learn from successful business methods developed in the west. He admires start-ups in the States. He lives in a country of waiters and hairdressers.

I've also met people who fear the rise of nationalism in the country, and others who complain about the Serbs. I've met young students with little to no job prospects. No one thinks Uber pays them enough. 

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