Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On Advice for Marxist Professors

If you are an academic, and you are steeped in Marxist rhetoric, here are a few things you should NOT be able to do well:

1. Yell at the waiter.
2. Yell at the janitor.
3. Support and maintain hierarchical functions in university departments which effectively mean that people who do just as much work as you do get paid a quarter as much.
4. Complain about anyone as "ugh, just another white dude" without knowing "just another white dude"'s class background.
5. Complain about "ugh, just another white dude" if you yourself are "ugh, just another white dude."
6. Sidestep inconvenient truths, particularly in regards to non-democratic socialist countries.
7. Yell at the waiter.
8. Yell at the janitor.
9. Use your power to hand out grades to right historical wrongs, with no regard for how you may be perpetuating the very power structures you yourself want to see dismantled.
10. Oppose the unionization of grad students.
11. Oppose the unionization of adjunct faculty.
12. Yell at the waiter.
13. Yell at the janitor.

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